Hey Everyone I'm Gris Gris, 

My names French so the (S) is silent, my name originates from a Voodoo amulet from Africa which is believed to protect he wearer from evil or bring luck. I live my life at The French Quarter Vet as King, I get to greet each and every pet and person they bring with them. Occasionally I like to jump into peoples lap and make them pet me. I've been here since June of 2017. The Previous cat wasn't cut out for the job so Dr. Scott adopted him and took him home.  I was adopted by Dr. Scott from the Pet Asylum in the Quarter, previously I had been a Petsmart Cat so I'm used to ignoring the tapping on the window which is where you'll see me when you walk down Royal Street in the Quarter. My lobby has the best set up any Hospital cat could imagine. And I get free roam of the Hospital so I can make sure all my friends that come see Dr. Scott are well taken care of. I'm super affectionate and love when people pet me or scratch under my chin. Just like Dr. Scott I'm a Saints fan and I wear my game jersey on Game day! GO SAINTS!!! My Best Friend Two Toned Tony gets to come to work everyday and keep me company. We're pretty much black belts in Kitty Jiu Jitsu and can see some videos on our social media. 


Hey Everyone, They call me Two Toned Tony,

They say I'm a wise guy. You know what I say? I'm just smarter than the average cat. I was adopted by Omar and Carla in September of 2017. They noticed I had some attitude and changed my view of people simply by smothering me with Love. I love being able to ride in the car to work and see everything outside, I enjoy watching the rain fall from inside the car ride. I enjoy walks on my harness and playing with small toy mice and feathers. Gris Gris' my best friend, however I'm usually the one teaching him things like our Kitty Jiu Jitsu moves. I love coming to work and hanging with Gris Gris for the day, we get to take multiple cat naps, bird watch, people watch, play with all the cool toys Dr. Scott buys us, occasionally he comes over to my place for vacation. What can we say we have it made. 


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Feedback from our clients

  • "great first experience! I was visiting New Orleans on my way to Miami and needed to get my pup checked up and a prescription for Heartgard. They fit me in same day and were extremely accommodating. Scott Griffith was the vet that took care of us and he was informative, nice, and super helpful!"
    Shayne S. / New Orleans, LA